Tyson + Emma Cannon


Today is a special one! Why? Because we are sharing our sweet Emma’s wedding day here on the blog! For those who haven’t had the J O Y of meeting Emma, she is our lead bridal consultant + one of my favorite friends. For those who have met Emma, you already know her heart + her love of Tyson + bending the rules [ just a little bit. ]

When Emma started in on her bridal shopping we both knew it was going to be a fete. Mostly because the girl has an eye for detail + because [ duh ] she shows you babes gowns every single weekend! Long story short, Emma’s Lis Simon gown is head-to-toe custom. Like, it literally only exists right here + now. Seriously. Emma designed the whole thing [ with a little help of course ] + had to wait in anticipation for its arrival. Seeing Emma’s reaction was p r i c e l e s s because she didn’t have a specific vision in mind. After trying on different styles, she knew what she liked + we passed it on to the experts at Lis Simon Bridal.

It is no surprise that Tyson + Emma ran away to Colorado to celebrate their marriage without telling their friends + family + we are sure glad they did because we get to share double the photos today!

Emma + Tyson, thank you for being such an awesome part of Something White Bridal. We love you, your love + your loyalty to one another + the little shop on Walnut Street. <3

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How did you decide to get married on this particular date?

“So the date we decided on for part one of our wedding in Colorado was very strategic. Tyson is a huge Denver Broncos fan + we knew if we would be going to Colorado we would also want to see a game while we were in town. So naturally we waited until the football season schedule came out in April, then compared who they played + the dates the games were on. The Broncos played the Los Angeles Rams on October 14th + that was the best fit! So I then reached out to the photographer I had my eye on, Jill Houser to see what her availability was around that weekend. She had the 15th open, so the 15th it was!

For part two of the wedding, our ceremony + reception, we decided to make a spontaneous decision the same week we got engaged back in January. It was the last Saturday open for all of 2018 so we booked it before we even toured the venue. The price + location were what sold us on the place!”

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Tell us about dress shopping!

“After trying on different silhouettes + materials, I knew the general direction I wanted to go for my gown. I had this particular imagine in my head + there was a dress I liked but it wasn't a love. Luckily the designer was able to make changes + customizations to the gown so I went for it! I was able to sit down with the girls from SWBB + we were able to come up with the exact changes I wanted to make to make it my perfect gown! I almost died of anticipation while waiting for the gown to come in so I could see it all together but it was well worth the wait. Plus, how many people can say they have a one of a kind wedding dress that was UNDER their budget?”

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Tell us about the proposal!

“So for whatever reason, our date nights are always Tuesdays. We cook dinner, catch up on all our favorite shows + just make time for us. It is my favorite day of the week! So this specific Tuesday I actually was at work at this amazing, cute, chic bridal boutique [ obviously I'm talking about Something White here ] but Tyson had stayed home from work that day - which was my first clue something was off. Then my wonderful boss Paige let me know I could head home early. When I told Ty, he got all weird over the phone + told me to "take my time driving home". When I got home Tyson had a fancy dinner all made up, the place was super clean + he was so visibly anxious - I officially knew something was up. I have never seen him eat so fast. Then he just literally stared at me while I finished my dinner. After that he told me he had made me my favorite dessert (Rice Krispy treats with extra marshmallow + butter). I opened the fridge to get them + there it was! He had spelled "Will U Marry Me" with the treats + he was down on one knee! Good food, our two corgis there, watching Fixer Upper - I mean what else could a girl ask for!” 

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How did the two of you meet?

“I met Tyson back in October 2012 while we were at KSTATE. I was friends with one of his roommates so we ended up running into each other a lot but not necessarily talking. A few months later we were at a party together + after some liquid encouragement, I finally decided to ask for his number! We stayed friends until we both went back to Kansas City for our summer break where he asked me on our first official date to a Royals baseball game. We've been glued at the hip ever since!” 

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What advice would you give to other brides in regard to dress shopping?

“To start, don't schedule more than two appointments in one day! I would recommend only bringing a few people + then inviting everyone else to come to your gown pickup appointment, which is equally as fun + exciting! Also everyone shops so differently - just because your cousin went to four appointments, tried on a dress + then "just knew" + cried + had a big moment, does not mean you will have that experience too. It’s honestly about finding a dress that makes you feel like a bride, feel beautiful + confident + checks most//all of your boxes! Lastly, make sure you go ready to shop//buy + feeling your best.”

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Did you have a specific theme in mind while planning?

“For Colorado we had a specific vision + knew the type of scenery we would like to be in our pictures. I wanted a lot of greenery, trees, grass + the mountains in the background. This vision was completely interrupted by literally a foot of snow the day before, changing our vision + pictures to a winter wonderland. But hey, you just roll with the punches [ aka the weather! ] Letting things go + accepting stuff that is out of my control was an important lesson I learned throughout this process. 

For our Kansas City wedding, the biggest thing for Ty + I was that we wanted all parts of the wedding to feel like us. When I pictured our wedding I wanted simple, intimate, laid back, string lights, lots of candles + obviously donuts. I think we stuck pretty true to that.”

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What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

“Our ceremony for sure! We both wrote our own vows + I am so so glad we did. It made our ceremony so personal. We were nervous before hand but as soon as we were up there we forgot about everyone else in the room. Granted we both cried a bunch but I'd gladly ugly cry in front of 100 people any day if it meant I could relive that moment.”

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Where did you draw your inspiration + ideas from?

“Actually from the show The Office! The episode where Jim + Pam get married really is what inspired us to run away to Colorado + not tell any family until after the wedding. Having a moment for just the two of us + then coming back to Kansas City to do an actual ceremony, our vows, a reception, etc. with the whole family was really appealing. We really loved sharing everything we did with our guests but no matter what happened, or went wrong, or who didn't show up, or whatever, Tyson + I had our little moment alone in Colorado. We both were so anxious about being the center of attention for an entire day. We were able to escape the stress + pressure from wedding planning + the wedding itself to breathe + start our life together the way we wanted. Plus I got to wear my dress twice!” 

Decoration wise, mainly a lot of late night or while I was in class Pinterest pinning! 

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Congratulations to Norman + Penelope’s human parents!

We are so honored to have you as part of our SWBB family + even more to call you friends!

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Wedding Professionals:

Gown | Lis Simon

Alterations | Couture Alterations by Sharon

Accessories | Ti Adoro // Edward Berger

Ceremony + Reception Venue | Thompson Barn

Colorado Photography | Jill Houser

Kansas Photography | Mikaela Wendel

Videography | Bryan Engel

Hair + Makeup | Hello Lovely

Spray Tan | Recreating Rays

Menswear | Men’s Wearhouse

Florist | Hyvee

Catering | RJ’s BBQ

Donuts | Hyvee

Rentals | Ultrapom

Officiant | KC Wedding Ministers