2019 Bridal Trends

Bridal Trends - 2019

Phew! What a bridal market it was [ two months ago - *facepalm! ] In case my delay in this blog post isn’t evidence enough - my first New York Bridal Fashion Week as the owner of Something White Bridal showed me who is really boss! Sure, I had been to New York market twice before, but it is SO different when you are the one calling the shots and hand selecting the designs that make the cut and come to Kansas City for the coolest brides around [ that’s you, babe! ] I mean, no pressure, right?

Below are fifteen of the hottest bridal trends moving into 2019 and we couldn’t be more excited. You can find the gowns pictured below in our showroom currently. 2019 designs land in January and we will be sure to provide the sneak peeks on Instagram. If you aren’t following us already, click here to do so! Check it out, babes and let us know what your favorite trend is in the comments below!

  1. Three Dimensional Lace

    Texture. Texture. Texture. Whether it be 3d floral appliqués, feathers, or unique shapes [ leaves, petals, etc ] designers + brides alike are all about this cool-girl effect for 2019.

  2. Mikado

    Haven’t you heard? Simplicity is in! I’m going to attribute this to Meghan Markle + all of her glory. Mikado gowns were all over New York Bridal Fashion Week. The durable, simple, flattering fabric is perfect for brides who value simplicity + want a little more support than a crepe fabric often offers.

  3. Off-The-Shoulder

    Ohh the off-the-shoulder neckline! Flattering on everyone + unique enough to feel modern without being too much of a stretch for our traditional girlies. Off-the-shoulder necklines are hot hot hot + we totally agree. Bonus points for detachable sleeves so you can get down to the YMCA after dinner!

  4. Meghan Markle

    I guess I’m not the only one who cannot seem to recover from the royal wedding of Prince Harry + Meghan Markle. From Paloma Blanca, to Robert Bullock + Lis Simon, the royal wedding sure made its impact on Bridal Fashion Week. The iconic simplicity of long sleeves was often accompanied by crepe or satin.

  5. Tattoo Lace

    Ivory lace on nude lining is often referred to as “tattoo lace” because the goal is to look like the lace is clinging to your skin + you are baring it all underneath. This style is best achieved on bodice’s + sleeves + works for all kinds of brides!

Photography:  Alyssa Barletter Photography  // Gowns: Nouvelle Amsale,  Casablanca Bridal ,  La Sposa

Photography: Alyssa Barletter Photography // Gowns: Nouvelle Amsale, Casablanca Bridal, La Sposa

6. Greek Inspired

Yep! Greek inspired gowns covered the runways in New York. Chiffon fabrics make this style comfortable + light + honestly, does Greek inspired anything ever really go out of style?

7. Multiple Looks

  1. While many of us love the idea of a ceremony dress + a reception dress, it’s not always feasible. Want to give your guests the same effect + shock factor without the price tag of two gowns? Opt for an over skirt, a topper, a detachable cape, or swap out your sleeves between ceremony + reception!

    8. Column Shape

    Wanting to avoid the stress of bustling up your gown for reception? Don’t like the idea of dragging a train around with you? It’s your lucky year! Column dresses made their appearance from designers like Matthew Christopher. This no-fuss style is easy, comfortable + will totally allow for all of the dancing you’re hoping to do!

    9. Deep-V Necklines

    You know we are suckers for a good deep-v neckline + they’re going no where any time soon. Deep necklines are a great way to show a little skin + really open up the neckline of your gown. Love the look but not for your wedding? No problem! Most designers will happily raise a neckline to accommodate your comfort level.

    10. Crepe

    Crepe. For. Days. If you’ve shopped with us already, you know we love crepe fabric. It’s lightweight, easy to wear + can be dressed up or down. If you haven’t shopped with us yet [ what are you waiting for ] + are into the crepe game, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got crepe on crepe on crepe + are keeping it coming in 2019.

Photography:  Alyssa Barletter Photography  // Gowns:  Lis Simon  + Nouvelle Amsale

Photography: Alyssa Barletter Photography // Gowns: Lis Simon + Nouvelle Amsale

11. Unique Lace

So you’re really into lace, but you want something unique? I get that + so do this seasons designers. Lace patterns no longer only resemble your great grandma’s favorite curtains + instead are being showcased in modern geometric patterns for the bride who wants a modern look without sacrificing the traditional aspect of lace.

12. Color

  1. That’s right. The blush, antique, nude, champagne, etc color trend is going no where fast. This trend hit in 2016 + continues to gain in popularity with the majority of brides opting for ivory instead of white.

    13. Slits // Visible Legs

    That’s right babe! Do a little something sexy + show off those calves you’ve been working so hard on. Channel your inner Angelina Jolie + show a little [ or a lotta ] leg with a slit or really go for it + rock a sheer skirt.

    14. Jumpsuits

    Who says you have to wear a gown? Absolutely no one + certainly not designers this season. Jumpsuits are perfect for the bold, edgy, + sophisticated bride. Love the idea but not ready to give up your vision of wearing a gown? Try a jumpsuit for your engagement party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, reception outfit orrrrrrr put your bridesmaids in the trendy ensemble!

    15. Pleats

    We knew they were hot for spring streetwear + now we know they’re hot for bridal. Pleated skirts are a fun way to add a flirty + preppy touch to your bridal look without pushing the boundary too much. Whether you go for large satin pleats or soft chiffon pleats, you’ll be on trend with this one!

And that’s the run-down! Now you are up-to-date on all things bridal fashion going into 2019. Remember, just because something is “on trend” doesn’t mean you have to rock it down the aisle! Fashion [ especially bridal fashion ] is meant to be fun and ultimately, there are no rules other than to do whatever you please. XX

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