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The time has come! We are rounding up our shop babes + letting you in on a little bit about us! At Something White Bridal, we pride ourselves on not only having killer style + gorgeous gowns, but also having highly trained + uber personal stylists to help make your shopping experience the dream it should be. One thing is for sure - we all wear many hats + are v passionate about our ice-cream choices.

Paige Albert

Owner // Buyer // Bridal Stylist

Hello, hello! I’m Paige + that cute guy on the right is our [ part-time ] shop dog, Lard! He is my sidekick + the sweetest Shih Tzu I have ever encountered. When we aren’t taking long car rides to Target, you can find us curled up watching corny dating shows like The Bachelor + eating alllll of the Mexican food. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Communication + Business + am a native of a small town outside of Wichita, Kansas + I honestly believe I am the luckiest girl in the world. Something White Bridal is an absolute dream come true + the connections + experiences this shop has granted me is something I will never take for granted.

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Favorite ice-cream flavor: I love a good cake cone with “Da Bomb” ice-cream from Sylas + Maddie’s in Lawrence, Kansas!

Describe your everyday style: Simple with a trendy piece or two

Nickname(s): Paigie, Paco, N-O-Paige

Guilty pleasure: A giant bubble bath, a vat of queso + Bravo television with my pup near!

Favorite flower: Peonies, tulips + hydrangea’s

Favorite bridal style: Simple with a gorgeous sash, veil, or pair of earrings. I’m loving ballgowns right now + organza + mikado fabrics. Less is more! 

Favorite gown designer: Nouvelle Amsale. They were my first designer to add to Something White + the quality + luxury feel is everything to me. Robert Bullock is another amazing designer housed at SW. As a designer he is classic + traditional with modern touches here + there + as a human being he is the kindest, most genuine people out there.

Best piece of advice for brides: Don’t get caught up in the production. You’re getting married! This is a wildly exciting time of life + it’s all about you marrying the love of your life. Don’t get too caught up in details that won’t matter down the road + soak up being engaged!

Emma Cannon

Lead Bridal Stylist

I’ve been a bridal consultant at Something White for about two years now! You’ll find me here helping brides find their dream gowns on the weekends but during the week I am going to school to get my masters degree in Psychotherapy, working two internships, hanging out with my two corgis + probably watching Netflix with my husband! The girls at SWBB + the brides I have worked with are truly some of the most amazing + kind people I have ever met. My favorite part of appointments is that magical [ + sometimes emotional ] moment when a bride sees herself in her wedding dress + has that realization of “oh my gosh I’m actually getting married” - it never gets old! I feel so blessed + thankful so many brides have allowed me to be apart of their journey down the aisle. 

Kansas City Bridal Shop

Favorite ice-cream flavor: Phish Food by Ben + Jerry’s

Describe your everyday style: Casual + comfortable

Nickname(s): Besides the embarrassing ones my parents + sister use to call me - none!

Guilty pleasure: A giant bowl of pasta + Netflix

Favorite flower: Hydrangea’s!

Favorite bridal style: An understated soft ballgown or a big floral lace pattern on any silhouette. 

Favorite gown designer: Lis Simon [ she designed my wedding dress so she has special place in my heart! ]

Best piece of advice for brides: Remember to slow down, breathe + trust the experts! 

Carly Albert

Fashion Director // Buyer // Bridal Stylist

Hey friends! I grew up in a tiny town outside of Wichita + moved to Lawrence to attend the University of Kansas [ rock chalk! ] I am currently in my second year studying business. When I'm not screaming from the student section at a Kansas basketball game, I'm typically online shopping, eating snacks + hanging out with my sister. My favorite holidays are the Fourth of July + Christmas + I enjoy a good card game with my family. My favorite part of working at SWBB is getting to be a small part of each brides wedding day + seeing the overwhelming excitement when they find the gown! 

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Favorite ice-cream flavor: I have two moods, okay? It’s either strawberry or caramel + peanut butter + all of the goods. I also enjoy a good cake-cone.

Describe your everyday style: Comfy. Big fan of the grout-fit + also, pajama joggers. 

Nickname(s): I have a lot - my family is very creative. Here goes - “Car, Car-Car, Car-Car-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chee-Chee, Carlos, Pacheechee, Cheechee, Carlita-Pita, Carl, Bug, Kronk, Stu.”

Guilty pleasure: Reality television + a big bowl of queso + other snacks.

Favorite flower: Sunflowers.

Favorite bridal style: Simple + sleek.

Favorite gown designer: Nouvelle by Amsale. I appreciate a quality gown with clean lines.

Best piece of advice for brides: Keep an open mind + try not to stress yourself out. Keep it simple + just remember that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Karen Boehm

Bridal Stylist

Karen here! New to Kansas City + absolutely loving it! I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BS in Criminal Justice. Fun fact: I am a former football, basketball + hockey cheerleader! I come from a big family + my sister is my best friend. My favorite part of being a bridal consultant is seeing a bride’s face light up because she feels amazing in what she is wearing. You can see the reaction happen + it is this overwhelming, contagious confidence.

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Favorite ice-cream flavor: Ultimate favorite from the most epic place I have ever been - easy. Sebastian Joe’s in Minneapolis has the most UNREAL Oreo ice cream in existence. I am pretty sure that on top of Oreo chunks, they use the center of the Oreo to make the vanilla? I am guessing they hire angels to make the stuff. If we are talking whatever is in the frozen food aisle - anything with copious amounts of peanut butter will do.

Describe your everyday style: Simplistic - Preppy, solids + stripes

Nickname(s): My baby brother, John-John (it’s just John, but it’s a family nickname) calls me “KareBear.” However, I am just “Karen".

Guilty pleasure: Podcasts - My Favorite Murder or Sinisterhood

Favorite flower: Anything yellow!

Favorite bridal style: Classic with a great veil!

Favorite gown designer: Hands down, Lis Simon. They are beyond accommodating with modifications + customizations.

Best piece of advice for brides: All the nonsense is noise.

Kacey Sumada

Bridal Stylist

After growing up in St. Louis I went to college at Mizzou [ MIZ! ] where I met my now husband, Ben, when we lived next door to each other.  After graduation I moved to Kansas City with Ben + totally fell in love with the city!  We got married in June 2017 + welcomed our daughter, Josie in May of 2018.  When we aren't chasing after Josie, our golden retriever Chief, or our cat Charlie, we spend as much time outdoors as we can! 

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Favorite ice-cream flavor: Ice cream is my favorite food so it is hard to pick just one! BUT, cookie dough is pretty high up there.

Describe your everyday style: Simple + comfortable. I try to add something on trend, too.

Nickname(s): I’ve never really had one!

Guilty pleasure: Shopping of any kind.

Favorite flower: Sunflowers!

Favorite bridal style: I love a classic silhouette with good structure + a unique or modern detail.

Favorite gown designer: Blue by Enzoani.

Best piece of advice for brides: Don’t make finding your gown a pressure packed situation. It isn’t meant to be hard or stressful. Enjoy the experience! In my opinion, the best way to shop is to bring a small party of people close to you + start with one boutique.

Lauren Jennings

Bridal Stylist

Hey, I'm Lauren! I'm a Kansas City native + I love supporting KC small businesses like SWBB! When I'm not working, my husband + I like to take road trips, try new restaurants + spend time outside. The best part of working at Something White is watching how much confidence finding the dress gives each bride! Seeing their faces light up when they see themselves in their gown is by far my favorite part of being a bridal consultant! 

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Favorite ice-cream flavor: Bunny tracks! It has little chocolate covered peanut butter pieces + fudge in it. But honestly anything with chocolate will do! 

Describe your everyday style: Comfortable + casual. Something cute like a simple sweater but I like to add jewelry to dress it up a little bit. 

Nickname(s): My entire family calls me “LaLa,” my little bother couldn't say Lauren growing up. I call my husband “T” so my close friends have started calling me “L” too. 

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV shows. I can binge watch horrible reality TV for hours.

Favorite flower: By far the ranunculus! It has so many layers that give so much interest + depth. I love the soft pink colors they come in as well! 

Favorite bridal style: I love a detailed bodice + a simple chiffon skirt. The way chiffon lays is so romantic but the structure + detail in a lace or beaded bodice gets me every time. 

Favorite gown designer: I'm currently crushing on Rebecca Shoneveld, our newest designer. Her designs are classic + beautiful + are so flattering on many different women. 

Best piece of advice for brides: Go to your appointments prepared to say “yes”. I know you may feel the need to go to multiple stores but if you find what you're looking for, don’t be afraid to stop looking + pop the champagne! 

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