POST WEDDING: What To Do With Your Gown

What To Do With Your Gown

So you did the thing - You found “THE” dress, chose an amazing veil + wore the heck out of them on the day you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. You knew exactly what to do with your dress before the wedding (i.e. hang it in a dark // dry place, alterations 2-3 months in advance + keep away from your fiancé). But what about now, after the wedding? Deciding what to do with your dream gown can be difficult but lucky for you, you have us to offer some suggestions on what to do with your something white:

1. Clean // preserve // or both:

Before we get started, it is important for me to point out that no matter what you chose to do with your gown post wedding, you should invest in cleaning + preserving your wedding gown. Whether you decide to donate, hang on to that baby, or decide down the road, cleaning + preserving your gown will prevent irreversible future fabric damage. We look at it this way - you just wore the most expensive article of clothing you probably ever will on a very special day in your life, why would you want to let it yellow in your back closet for years to come? Cleaning + preserving your wedding gown is the final step in ensuring your gown is safe + sound for years to come.

2. Donate it:

One Google search will lead you to hundreds of amazing non-profit organizations that lovingly take your something white to help others. One of our favorites is “Brides Agains Breast Cancer!” They donate all proceed from wedding gown sales to help fight breast cancer.

3. Host a “wedding party”:

Grab your girlfriends + dress up in your wedding dresses! I mean, WHY not! You spent a small fortune on a gown to wear one time (one important time, but still). Plus, trying on something that you wore years ago can be exciting + bring back tons of memories! Get a playlist going from the year you got married + party like you’re the bride… again!

4. Save it as an heirloom:

Yeah, high necks + huge poofy shoulders hit the 80s pretty hard, but trying on your mom’s gown was special! Save your gown for your future littles, too! We know taste + style changes, but showing your kiddos “THE” gown builds excitement. Make sure to have your gown cleaned + preserved if you go this route - you want it to stay in pristine condition!

5. Have it converted into another something special:

You can have your something white transformed into something new! From Baptismal gowns to holiday ornaments - brides are finding new + innovative ways to keep their gown alive. Check out this amazing Etsy Shop that converts wedding gowns into clutches! So cute!

6. Have a “trash the dress” session:

Looking to have another romantic photo session with your soulmate? Want another perfect Insta shot? Book your favorite photographer, use those amazing Pinterest + Instagram skills to find some #trashthedress inspiration to get down + dirty with your gown! You’ll find everything from brides jumping into the ocean to paintball wars!

Whatever you decide to do, leave your options open + invest in getting your gown cleaned + preserved. Email us at or give us a ring at 816.216.7454 to schedule a drop off for gown cleaning + preservation.

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Post written by: Karen Boehm // SW Bridal Consultant